Kellogg’s is Open for Breakfast—and Your Opinion on Its Brands


Kellogg Open for Breakfast 2015

Consumers of such brands as Fruit Loops, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, and Rice Krispies now have a place to share whatever snap, crackle, and pop they might feel for the cereal.

Kellogg, the US manufacturer of those four brands and plenty more, is inviting consumers to join the company’s new Open For Breakfast forum to learn more about what they’re eating (or not eating) and fill Kellogg in on their opinions.

“Listening to our consumers and offering a great start to their day is the foundation of Kellogg’s business,” stated Noel Geoffroy, the brand’s SVP Morning Foods Marketing & Innovation. “With Open For Breakfast, we want to earn a seat at peoples’ breakfast tables by opening up and showing how we’re working to make their mornings better.”[more]

The move isn’t just be about listening to consumers. The company will “share stories about Kellogg’s branded food, its commitments to communities around the world and its pledge to care for the environment,” a press release states.

Company employees and partners will even get to appear in videos on the forum to fill visitors in on what Kellogg has hiding in its apron. The inaugural video, though, from the forum features consumers saying things like, “I just want to know what it is that I am eating and I want you to tell me,” “I would love for Kellogg’s to really come out and let me know what they’re going to do for me,” and “If you guys said publicly that just maybe you were conscious of concerns, I think it would be amazing.”

Well, America, be amazed. Kellogg’s is aware that health-conscious consumers want more information, from nutrition to GMOs to getting kids to eat better, and this forum marks a concerted effort by the brand to be more transparent, authentic and open to conversation—and create brand ambassadors who can help spread the word, of course.

Kellogg will surely be listening closely to whatever consumers do come and care to share. Analysts at Morningstar recently gave the company a BBB+ credit rating, which “suggests that the company is a moderate default risk,” according to Citigroup has moved its recommendation for Kellogg stocks to “neutral” from “buy.” In the last year, the stock’s low has been $55.69  while its peak was $69.50.