Earth Day 2015: Marley Supports Ethiopian Water Wise Coffee


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In celebration of Earth Day, Marley Coffee just released a new video and crowdfunding campaign supporting nonprofit Water Wise Coffee.

The video features Rohan Marley, son of musician Bob Marley and founder/chairman of Marley Coffee. It highlights the effects coffee production has on people and the planet, while urging sustainable sourcing.

“Coffee connects us in so many ways—to each other, to our senses and to the earth that provides for us,” said Marley, in a press release. “Coffee has so much cultural importance in Ethiopia—it’s more than a commodity, it’s a way of life, and it’s our responsibility to instill sustainable practices that benefit the community where the coffee is harvested and grown, but also the global community.”

The crowdfunding campaign, he added, “gives us the opportunity to expand the scale of our project, providing the Sidama coffee region with clean water and a clean life source.”

Coffee crowd funding

Marley Coffee donates one cent of every RealCup single-serve capsule sold to Water Wise, which helps coffee producers in Ethiopia tackle the waste generated by their wet mills and clean up the rivers that so many local people rely on.

With recent concerns about the K-Cup’s negative impact on the environment, Marley Coffee’s RealCup is “a sustainable solution that will benefit all communities,” said Marley.

Marley Coffee K-Cuo

“If we can convince 1 percent of the market to switch to our RealCup, we can keep 100 million capsules out of landfills,” added Brent Toevs, CEO of Marley Coffee.

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee is also a partner in the project, and has committed to matching up to $100,000 in public donations.